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Sep 27, 2020

Rabbis Mona Alfi, Chuck Briskin, Fred Greene, Elisa Koppel, Stephanie Kramer, Jason Rosenberg, and Sue Shankman get together to talk what it's been like to go through the Yamim Noraim (the High Holy Days) during a pandemic.

Sep 26, 2020

We know that we should treat everyone as if they’re special. But, do we think enough about what the effects of doing so might actually be?

Rabbi Leora Kaye, Director of Program at the Union for Reform Judaism, explores a favorite story, with Rabbi Jason Rosenberg

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Sep 25, 2020

How can we be fully present, even in the face of the pain and disruption of this time? 

Rabbi Mona Alfi from Congregation B’nai Israel in Sacramento, California explores the prayer “Hin'ni:  Here I am, The Confession of a Broken Heart” by Rabbi Karyn Kedar, with Rabbi Stephanie Kramer and Rabbi Chuck Briskin


Sep 24, 2020

Sometimes, it’s easier to be kind and forgiving to others than it is to ourselves. But, it’s no less important.

Rabbi Rabbi Lisa Goldstein explores a teaching from Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav, with Rabbi Jason Rosenberg. 

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Sep 23, 2020

How can we do more than just get through our struggles? Is it possible to use them, and to grow from them? 

Rabbi Stephanie Kramer, the Senior Associate Rabbi at Congregation Shomrei Torah in Santa Rosa, California explores the poem “The Cure” by Albert Huffstickler, with Rabbi Mona Alfi and Rabbi Chuck Briskin